A Meter Operator agreement or MOP contract is a requirement for all half hourly electricity supplied meters, this is where your meter profile beings with “00”. The agreement covers the installation, ongoing maintenance, and communication method of data between the meter and the supplier.

All half hourly metered customers have the right to nominate their own Meter Operator. If they fail to do so or let the supplier nominate for them, the costs will be excessive.

The Meter Operator agreement does not need to be with your supplier and does not form part of your agreement with your supplier, this often leads to confusion with many businesses being overcharged for MOP services with their current supplier.

Many half hourly consumers are unaware of the requirement for a MOP contract to be in place and this often leads to the costs being passed through via the supply agreement, when in fact your MOP agreement should go through the same procurement exercise as your supply agreement. Ensuring the best service, price and terms for your needs.

The process of managing the relationship between the supplier, meter operator, data collector and local distribution can be complex, however we have many years of experience and can support you. For all your energy questions relating to P272, P322 and your half hourly meter (HH / 00), please get in touch.